Image courtesy of Lition

Richard Lohwasser (left) and Kyung-Hun Ha (right) felt driven to act on climate change. Image courtesy of Lition

By XiaoZhi Lim

For many years, Richard Lohwasser and Kyung-Hun Ha were highly paid executives at large energy utility companies in Germany.

“I was making really good money,” Ha said. He had regular 9-to-5 hours, and the firm provided him with a big BMW and ample vacation time.

But last year, Lohwasser and Ha quit to found a small startup called Lition Energy. Headquartered in Berlin, the company runs the world’s first marketplace in which customers can choose which renewable electricity plants they want their money to go to.

Lohwasser and Ha were driven by a need to act on climate change and accelerate the deployment of renewable energy. “This summer was one of the hottest summers ever in Europe,” Lohwasser said. “Every one of us needs to do something to contribute, and it’s for sure not the big conglomerate companies that are doing anything about this.”


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