Carbon capture gets a boost from aromatic rings

C&EN – Linking phenyls to the amines used to scrub CO2 from power plant emissions could make process more efficient.

How heat from the Sun can keep us all cool

Nature – As demand for air conditioning climbs, some see a solution in the very thing that makes us sweat: the Sun.

The new breed of cutting-edge catalysts

Nature – Advances in catalyst research could create a superhighway to clean energy sources and a more-sustainable chemical industry.

Fizzy extraction brings out semivolatile compounds

C&EN – Extracting semivolatile compounds with carbon dioxide bubbles reduces the need for heat and solvents.

New liquid-liquid approach allows catalytic reactions to go with the flow

C&EN – Emulsions immobilized within columns turn biphasic catalysis into a continuous process.

Grinding chemicals together in an effort to be greener

New York Times – Milling, or grinding chemicals together without a solvent, could outperform established methods and yet be safe and simple enough for an inexperienced eighth grader to do.


Ensia – Smoldering peat gives off massive quantities of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, but the search for solutions is on.

Ligands could help recycle nuclear waste

C&EN – Robust nitrogen-based ligands bind selectively to actinides and separate them for potential reuse in nuclear fuel.

Mixed-up metals make for stronger, tougher, stretchier alloys

Nature – Materials scientists are creating next-generation mixtures with remarkable properties.

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