Uphill climb for biogas in Asia

C&EN – Despite strong governmental support, the renewable energy source faces technological challenges before it can take hold.

The nanolight revolution is coming

Nature – Virus-sized particles that fluoresce in every colour could revolutionize applications from television displays to cancer treatment.

Unusual molecules shine light on new applications

New York Times – A chemist’s journey to develop a new class of light-emitting molecules opens up a world of applications.

Singapore lavishes big money on its scientists

Science – Singapore announces its research budget for the next five years.

How to make the most of carbon dioxide

Nature – Researchers hope to show that using the gas as a raw material could make an impact on climate change.

How Singapore Developed Its Chemical Enterprise

C&EN – To mark last month’s independence day celebrations, C&EN looks back at the country’s struggles.

The slow-chemistry movement

Nature – Slow, solid-state reactions used by lichens and Renaissance pigment-makers could help to make chemistry greener.

Geothermal’s Carbon Dioxide Boost

Discover – Carbon dioxide, the bane of climate change, can serve a positive role to boost geothermal energy output.

Degrees of separation

Nature – Chemists hope to break China’s monopoly on rare-earth elements by finding cheap, efficient ways to extract them from ore.

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