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If XiaoZhi is too difficult for you to say, just call me X. I am a freelance science reporter based in Singapore, my home country.

I completed the graduate program in science journalism at Boston University in December 2013. Prior to that, I studied organometallic pincer complexes computationally and obtained a masters in chemistry at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia.

Most recently, I’ve written for outlets like the New York TimesNature, Science and Chemical & Engineering News. I was a writer for Genetic Literacy Project and web researcher for Environmental Health News, as well as an intern with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources in 2014. In the summer of 2013, I interned at the American Chemical Society Office of Public Affairs, making videos about microbial fuel cells, lobster shell chemistry and more for their free online video series Bytesize Science (now renamed ACS Reactions). I also covered the 2011 Red Sea Expedition for the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology’s campus magazine, The Beacon, and produced stories about mushroom hunting, soil health and cold-stunned sea turtles for Boston University News Service Science.

I cover energy and environment, especially on topics like natural resources, materials and technologies. I’m most interested in people working to help humans live on earth without destroying it, and without it destroying us.

I enjoy living abroad and really getting to know (and often love) a place, beginning with a summer stint working at Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park in 2007. In 2012, I lived in Mysore, India, for two months practicing Ashtanga yoga with Saraswati Jois. (I’ve been working on getting back on the mat since then.)

I am fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese.


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    “The planet is, was, and always will be stronger than us. We can't destroy it; if we overstep the mark, the planet will simply erase us from its surface and carry on existing. Why don't they start talking about not letting the planet destroy us?” - Paulo Coelho, The Winner Stands Alone