The Surprising Reason Your Clothes Are A Huge Source Of Ocean Pollution

HuffPost – Most clothing contains synthetic materials that shed plastic fibers.

Global Initiative Mines Retired Hard Disk Drives for Materials and Magnets

IEEE Spectrum – Every year in the United States, roughly 20 million hard drives are retired from data centers.

Turning Organic Waste into Hydrogen

ACS Central Science – Researchers are using bacteria to transform various types of waste into a clean-burning fuel.

Tainted water: the scientists tracing thousands of fluorinated chemicals in our environment

Nature – Researchers are struggling to assess the dangers of nondegradable compounds used in clothes, foams and food wrappings.

Big Business Wants You To Think It’s Fixing The Plastic Crisis. Don’t Buy It.

HuffPost – Here’s what corporations don’t want you to know.

IBM Reveals 8-Bit Analog Chip With Phase-Change Memory

IEEE Spectrum – Researchers used the chip to test a simple neural net and identify numerals with 100 percent accuracy.

Meet The Men Who Ditched Well Paid Jobs In Big Energy To Tackle Climate Change

HuffPost – Lition Energy uses blockchain to connect consumers directly with renewable power plants.

The Kilogram is Dead. Long Live the Kilogram!

New York Times – After a vote (and a century of research), the standard measure for mass is redefined, and the long reign of Le Grand K is ended.

A Huge Mystery About Ocean Plastics Remains Unsolved

HuffPost – Scientists say there’s more to the pollution problem than the huge masses of debris that grab public attention.

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