The super-cool materials that send heat to space

Nature – Paints, plastics and even wood can be engineered to stay cool in direct sunlight — but their role in displacing power-hungry air conditioners remains unclear.

How Fossil Fuel Companies Are Killing Plastic Recycling

HuffPost – Plastic trash has overwhelmed America. Fossil fuel companies are about to make it worse.

Math Reveals the Secrets of Cells’ Feedback Circuitry

Quanta – Maintaining perfect stability through negative feedback is a basic element of electrical circuitry, but it’s been a mystery how cells could do it — until now.

What Grocery Stores Won’t Tell You About Plastic

HuffPost – Huge companies like Walmart could slash single-use plastics — if they really wanted to.

How Postwar Ads Got Us Hooked On ‘Disposable’ Single-Use Plastic

HuffPost – After World War II, brands encouraged a throwaway culture that’s now drowning the world in trash.

The Surprising Reason Your Clothes Are A Huge Source Of Ocean Pollution

HuffPost – Most clothing contains synthetic materials that shed plastic fibers.

Global Initiative Mines Retired Hard Disk Drives for Materials and Magnets

IEEE Spectrum – Every year in the United States, roughly 20 million hard drives are retired from data centers.

New Memory Device Can Take the Heat

IEEE Spectrum – A new memory device based on gallium nitride can operate at 300 degrees Celsius.

Turning Organic Waste into Hydrogen

ACS Central Science – Researchers are using bacteria to transform various types of waste into a clean-burning fuel.

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