Dear Readers,

I am alive! And I am appalled at myself for not having posted anything since 21st April. I can spout all kinds of excuses – I had crazy end-of-semester projects, I went nuts over an essay for a class, I met a boy – but it’s probably better to just start putting content (that’s way overdue) on this baby.

First, some updates. Last semester ended with a pretty cool urban agriculture project that I completed with four classmates, a 3-minute photoessay with audio about two teenagers who learned how to grow vegetables in Boston, an essay that nearly drove me nuts about money and sustainability, and a profile on a very cool lady. I will never let that essay see the light of day, however, I will probably blog about money and sustainability very soon. The topic really shook me up.

After last semester, I moved to DC on 18th May with classmate Matt Hardcastle and officially began my internship with the American Chemical Society on 20th May. I now have a pretty sweet 9-5 paid job, forty hours a week, sometimes more, and I get to travel around on shoots. The internship is like a dream, sometimes like a nightmare, but mostly like a dream. In the video production unit, I get to come up with my own stories, research them, film, write script, edit, animate.. pretty much every step in the process of producing a video short of narration. The videos go on and I’ve just about completed the first video about microbial fuel cells that I’ve been working on for the last few weeks, among five others.

An exciting thing about my internship – I’ve started tweeting! Mostly for BytesizeScience, but I probably should put as much effort into my own handle as I do for Bytesize. Writing for Twitter is a strange experience. I spent a good week reading all sorts of articles online about best Twitter practices, writing for Twitter, pretty much this Mashable manual here. Anyway, for brief updates on my thoughts or what I’ve been reading, follow @BytesizeScience or @limxiaozhi

I’ve also been trying to move this blog, but not much success so far. This is my one big excuse for putting off updating – I’ll move the blog, reformat it and then type a nice long post to go with. Nopes. Not a good idea.

So yupps, that’s the end of my hiatus from this site. Dear readers, I hope you’re all enjoying flip-flops and summertime.