Do The Molecule Dance Has A New Home!

Before I begin – Happy birthday to everybody! Today is the seventh day of Chinese New Year, also knows as 人日, literally Human Day, which means it’s everybody’s birthday. I feel old now; soon, birthdays will not be appreciated anymore.

Let’s begin. Like the title said, Do The Molecule Dance now has its own home in the internet world! Well, actually since July last year, but I never finished theming the site until more recently. My site is hosted by A Small Orange, something that I picked up from a profile that I worked on last year. For this I’ve spent long hours on .php files and CSS stylesheets, mostly scrambling and learning when something goes wrong. I guess the same can be said of most things in life too.. except you can’t really just Google it to find out. 

2014 is a special year, so far mostly because it’s the first time I spent New Year’s Eve completely in flight. I’ve been in Singapore for a few weeks now and it’s as hot as ever, although not quite so humid as I remember. Many things changed – there’s a new train line, a new Eco-Link that bridges an expressway for animals, a new recycling program. Lots to blog about when I’m back!

In other news, I’m heading back to Boston on Sunday. I hope there’s snow left for me to roll around in.

Love, joy and peace to my readers.