Electrifying Wastewater: My first video for Bytesize Science!

After ten long weeks of internship, I finally produced a complete video for Bytesize Science! Although this was not one of my pitches, but more of an assignment, it’s still pretty sweet to produce something related to energy and sustainability.

Microbial fuel cells are devices that run on wastewater, yes, wastewater is the fuel here and bacteria that feed on the wastewater produce electrons that are harvested as electricity. I should stop here or there’ll be no reason to watch the video anymore.

Anyways, this video was also like a training exercise for me to learn basic (really, really basic) animation and get acquainted with After Effects. It was a real humbling experience (something that I imagine an animation intern does full-time) animating those hundreds of electrons and oxygens and bacteria and bringing them to life. Many thanks to Bytesize’s Kirk Zamieroski and Elaine Seward for all their help and pointers!

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