Boston University Pumpkin Drop

For a photojournalism class that I took in fall 2013, I had to turn in a complete picture story every Monday. One of them was the annual Boston University Pumpkin Drop, held by the Boston University physics department. Staff and students fill some 40 pumpkins with paint and flour, and then push the pumpkins off…… Continue reading Boston University Pumpkin Drop

Carbon Day 2013

A treat for passers-by at Copley Square yesterday: Carbon Day 2013! Co-sponsored by Boston University Sustainable Neighborhood Lab and the City of Boston Greenovate, Carbon Day is a public exhibition event to promote awareness about carbon and educate the public about steps they can take to reduce their carbon footprint, according to organizer Linda Grosser from Boston University. Pictures available!

Traveling for Bytesize Science: Animals, machines and a little bit of history

I’m back from a long week of travels filming for Bytesize Science. A colleague, Kirk Zamieroski, and I went up to Boston filming at MIT and the New England Aquarium, then traveled back to Washington DC through New York City and Princeton, New Jersey. If you haven’t yet, check out the video series online at

Highlights from AAAS conference 2013 – Family Science Day

Sunday, Feb 17, was a Family Science Day at the AAAS conference. It was also a day that I had planned to be at talk after talk after talk, so I didn’t expect to get twenty minutes free after lunch to go walk around the Family Science Day exhibitions. Here’s what I saw in twenty…… Continue reading Highlights from AAAS conference 2013 – Family Science Day