Why Lobsters Turn Red When Cooked

Have you ever wondered why lobsters (and crabs and shrimp) turn red when they’re cooked? In this video, Kirk Zamieroski and I visited the New England Aquarium in Boston and asked Dr. Michael Tlusty, the Aquarium’s director of research, to explain. Tlusty also showed us his colorful lobsters that he’s been studying to learn more about lobster shell disease, a deadly affliction.

This video was produced while I was interning at the American Chemical Society’s Bytesize Science last summer (now ACS Reactions). Being in San Francisco for the American Chemical Society’s national meeting beginning tomorrow reminded me to finally post this video!

Special thanks to Adam Dylewski, my internship supervisor, for giving me the opportunity to go on the Great East Coast Science Excursion (basically a week-long filming trip from Boston to Princeton) with Kirk during my internship last year. And many thanks too to the New England Aquarium’s media relations director, Tony LaCasse, and Dr. Michael Tlusty, for all your help.