9 Plant Diseases That Threaten Your Favorite Foods

Interactive: The 9 most menacing plant diseases that threaten our favorite foods from bread to bananas to beer.

Turtle Rehab

Interactive: Every year, some young sea turtles feeding in Cape Cod during the summer overstay their visit and get ‘cold-stunned’ as the water turns cold. This interactive graphic shows how biologists and doctors at the New England Aquarium nurse the turtles back to health after they’re rescued by volunteers.

Industrial Nitrogen Fixation: A History Of Fertilizers

This interactive was produced using Verite Timeline as an accompanying graphic for a short news piece that I wrote for Boston University News Service, Scientists Report First Step Away From Fertilizers. The graphic was designed to pull attention to all the good and the bad that synthetic fertilizers have done for humanity: helped to feed the…… Continue reading Industrial Nitrogen Fixation: A History Of Fertilizers

Compost For Better Boston Soils

This graphic was produced as part of a large-scale multimedia project, Boston Agriculture, for my Online Journalism class with classmates Poncie Rutsch and Matthew Hardcastle. With two more classmates, we created the website, Boston Agriculture, covering the expansion of urban agriculture in Boston in spring 2013. This graphic is part of the Nuts and Bolts…… Continue reading Compost For Better Boston Soils